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Resources, information, and tools to help teens, families, schools, and communities to prepare teens with disabilities for future possibilities…

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What's in Your Future?  Images of teens imaging their futures including education and career possibilities.

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Maryland PROMISE Highlights

Youth being served in promise

Family members being served in promise

Youth completed a work experience

Youth with paid employment

Youth connect to VR services and American Job Centers

Youth and family members receiving benefits counseling

Promise Families who now have someone in the household in paid employment

Resources Just for You

  • Teens

    Hey Teens! Do you want some ideas for getting started in planning your future? Check Out Teen Resources

  • Parents & Families

    Moms, Dads, and Families: How can you help the teen in your life prepare for what’s ahead? Look at Family Resources

  • Educators & Community Service Providers

    Tips and ideas to connect youth in your community to future possibilities and the path to their full potential! Go to Educators & Service Providers Resources

  • Employers

    Identify, recruit and retain the talent of tomorrow. Tap into a pool of talented youth to meet your business needs. Visit Employer Resources