Making New Connections


Transition is a time of change even for friendships and relationships. Whether you are in college, have a job, or have new interests you are bound to make new connections. Some people may become close friends and others you may know less well. Meeting new people and becoming involved in community life is important to your happiness and self-esteem.

Where do you begin?

Here are some ideas:

  • Give Back and Make a Difference.

    Interested in giving back to the community? Try volunteering at a soup kitchen, in a faith based project, or at community events. Being part of a group connects you to a bigger world and reduces feelings of isolation. For more information about volunteering check out:

  • Learn to Advocate for Yourself – It Takes Practice.

    Would you like to be able to speak up for yourself or live on your own? Learn how by joining a self-advocacy group or an independent living center. See our related resources below!

  • Do you want to discover a hidden talent?

    Try joining an improv group or anime club, taking guitar lessons, or helping with sets or lighting for plays. These experiences may help you develop your creative interests and meet other people with similar pursuits.

  • Want to feel healthier?

    Try joining a gym, exercise group, hiking club, or a team; Physical activities relieve stress and build self-esteem with people who are looking for fun activities. For more ideas, look into your local parks and recreation programs.

  • Find a Mentor.

    Do you feel shy or uncertain about meeting new people? Think about getting involved with peer-to-peer mentoring opportunities. Having discussions about how to start conversations with others your age, giving genuine compliments, being a good listener, sharing private information appropriately, and keeping confidences can go a long way toward connecting with others. To find a mentoring program near you, contact a Big Brother/Big Sister program or the YMCA. For other programs, visit MENTOR .

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