Requesting Services at College

Congratulations on moving ahead with your education goals!

As you prepare for college or other training and education, you may need to seek out and explore options available for getting services and supports to accommodate your disability. Here are some things to think about:

  • What accommodations do you use now?
  • What kinds of accommodations can you get in college?

For more information about accommodations in college check out Going to College.

College student sitting in a wheel chair working with a peer at a table in the classroom.

Asking for What You Need

To get reasonable accommodations or other disability services in a postsecondary setting, you will need to disclose your disability. It is your responsibility to request services and provide appropriate documentation of your disability. Check out our tips on improving your self-advocacy skills!

6 Steps to Request Accommodations or Other Disability Services

Here are six steps you can take to request accommodations or other disability services:

  • Connect with Disability Support Services:

    You must contact the person in charge of accommodations on campus and register as a student with a disability. Usually this person is called the coordinator of disability support services (DSS) or student support services.

  • Learn about Disability Documentation Requirements:

    When you meet with the person in charge of accommodations, you must provide them with current documentation of your disability. IEP forms are usually not considered documentation. Each college or university has its own requirements for documentation. Different documentation may be required depending on your disability or disabilities, so you should first ask the DSS office for all of the requirements.

  • Know How to Talk about Your Disability and Accommodations that Work Best for You:

    Discuss accommodation needs with the DSS coordinator. Discuss the accommodations you used in the past, what has worked and what you think you will need while in college.

  • Check-In and Follow-up:

    The person in charge of accommodations will review your documentation and determine if you are eligible for services.

  • Ask Questions and Confirm Your Understanding:

    If it is determined that you are eligible for services, the person in charge of accommodations will determine what accommodations the college or university will provide and will give you a letter of accommodations informing your professors of authorized accommodations.

  • Meet with your professors:

    Discuss the approved accommodations with your professors.